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Holding History,
Writing the Future.

High Quality, Hand-Crafted Goods

Collector’s Editions

A pen is not only a functional writing tool, but a very personal writing instrument.

Think of your pen and your penned words as heirlooms passed down to the generations to come

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Red River Revival


Cane Ridge Revival


The Psalmist


The Fivefold Grace



Some years ago people began giving me very nice quality pens as tokens of appreciation, honor gifts. And I must say that I was a bit surprised as to how it touched me when they did so. I think when you give someone a special pen as an honor gift you are saying, I bless you with this pen because I value what you have to say, your words have impacted my life. You are saying how important they are to you, which always adds beauty to a relationship/friendship.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery of custom pens.

Check out this craftsmanship! Ray Hughes is restoring and repurposing history, and you can use it to write your own His-story. Love the rare woods.

Joe MiddletonThe Renaissance

There's just something about a new pen, especially one with history already packed in the box and ready to roll with your words.

Chris ChoateThe Circuit Rider

My good friend Ray Hughes hand makes these amazing pens. Some of them are made from wood that had been pulled out of the bogs of Ireland and believed to be several thousand years old. Blogging, face booking, etc is fine...but, there's something really special about writing something in your own hand. It seems to be becoming a lost art. Each pen has a great story behind it.

Jeremy McCoyThe Bog Oak

"Holding a piece of history while writing the future." Found the perfect gift for our dad this Christmas. Thank you, Ray Hughes for this beautifully crafted pen and the story of revival it tells.

Adam John MillerThe Scribe