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These pens came from the big maple that stood at The Meeting House in Logan County, Kentucky. The tree was there when Peter Cartwright preached, James McGreedy prayed, and heaven listened. Through the days of the pioneer circuit riders it shaded feasts and festivals and fiery preachers. It stood through the shouting revivals and outpourings as God moved and the world changed… This is the place of the beginning of one of the greatest awakenings in history.

Lightning struck the tree a few years ago. There was a danger of it falling and crushing the old meeting house. It was to be cut down and hauled away to be destroyed. It came to my attention and I was able to get the whole tree. I sent trucks to Kentucky and brought it to Alabama. We had it milled and began this creative and adventurous way of telling the story of redemption. Now, Denise & I are hand-making these one of a kind pens for those who will value them like we do and tell the story. The grain in the pens is stunning. We are careful to leave the natural beauty of the aged wood intact. It’s kind of like holding a piece history in your hand and writing the future all at the same time.

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