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The Book of Psalms is a hymn book, a prayer book, a devotional, a song book, and a personal journal. It’s filled with promises, poetry, praise, and prophecy, all meant to be processed and personalized into our daily lives. Memorizing the scripture is an important aspect of meditation but there’s more.

To be a Psalmist is to interact with the presence of God, and value His word, just as King David and others did in the penning of the Psalms. In doing so, we meditate upon His word and allow it to be a part of our daily expressed worship. To spend time in the word is to spend time with The Word. We encourage you to not only read the psalms but to write the psalms… Yes, write a psalm everyday and meditate on them by singing and or praying them audibly as a way of applying the words of truth to your life. We are all meant to be psalmists that voice our songs and prayers. These are beautiful ways to express our worship, for such wonder is not reserved only for the musical and creative ones. Think of these beautiful pens as instruments for worship designed for your unique creative expression. Your hand-eye and heart coordination is an avenue for you to engage more expressively and passionately in worship as your pen dances across the silent page.

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