The Preacher’s Chair



The pewter color symbolizes Frank.
The brass color symbolizes Seth.

There is a beautiful old song that was the signature hymn of the Welsh Revival of 1904.

It’s haunting melody and powerful lyric was a defining force in the revival meetings across the land of Wales and beyond. The first line says, HERE IS LOVE VAST AS THE OCEAN, LOVING KINDNESS AS A FLOOD

No one exemplified the love of Jesus in Wales in those days more than the two Joshua brothers. They were uneducated and untainted by institutional thinking. Frank with his kindness and sacrificial heart, was known as the Saint Frances of Wales to all of the locals in the old town of Neath. He was said to have built a church, but he pastored the city, especially the destitute and hurting ones… His brother Seth was as bold as a lion. He was a young headstrong bare fisted street-boxer turned street evangelist. He became known for his love for God and love for humanity. He is the man who prayed the famous prayer that so greatly impacted a young Evan Roberts. A prayer that not only changed Evans life but ultimately changed the nation.

The two brothers faithfully carried seeds of the revival for twenty years before and twenty years after the great outpouring of 1904. Frank built and pastored Mission Hall, one of the largest and most significant churches in Wales until his death in 1920.  Seth then came in from the harvest field and served the church until his death in 1925.

The chair that you see in the picture was called the preachers chair. It suffered some damage approximately 100 years ago. It was then stored away to be repaired at a later time. However, it was forgotten until last year when it was once again discovered inside the old pipe organ, still broken and covered in a hundred years of dust.

It was then carefully disassembled and shipped to me for the purpose of making a very limited number of special edition pens that would honor and remember these two amazing men who did so much for so many so long ago.

The pens reflect the Victorian era from which they lived. The pewter is for Frank whose compassion was a pure expression of love to those that needed him. The brass is for Seth who boldly loved and passionately preached the gospel. The stones in the pens highlight how God loves to do marvelous things with diamonds in the rough.

May this pen be a constant reminder of a love as vast as an ocean, and loving kindness as a flood.


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