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Genius + Generosity

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I have had the great privilege in my life of traveling to many countries. And wherever I happen to wander, my wife and I always make a point to visit museums. We especially enjoy those that display the uniqueness and diversity of culture and art – whether it be a small-town museum in west Texas that celebrates local heroes of the rodeo culture or the world-renowned museums of Paris, London, and St. Petersburg, Russia, filled with the classic works of creative giants.

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Answers: When you seek for answers for yourself you gain knowledge. When you seek for answers for others, you find answers accompanied with the language to change someones life, not just their mind. Knowledge is good, giving is better.

Ray Hughes, Dreamer & Chief Storyteller

Blessed are the Dreamers: Dreams don't have to come true to be valuable. Sometimes they just sustain us and give us the courage to endure dark seasons while a more focused purpose comes into view.

Ray Hughes, Dreamer & Chief Storyteller